Death of The Starving Writer/Birth of The Satisfied StoryTeller...

Maybe you noticed or maybe not that I’ve changed my label from Starving Writer to Satisfied StoryTeller. At around 200 lbs. I’ve never actually starved for my art. Almost, there was a time I was forced onto a Ramen Noodle diet due to my budget. Though, I ate everyday even when life was suckage and the only roof over my head was that of my truck, Dante 2.

So why would I consider myself Starving at a time in my life I wasn’t starving for food? Well, I was starved for something else. Inspiration, motivation, love, Goddess. I was cut off from the bounty that is the Divine Design in my life. I was unsure of my every step. Failing at the highest level for what I thought was how my life should work. I was suffering from depression and an inability to see how much better my life could be if I, the Sleeping Beauty of my life could just wake up.

Recently, I fully woke up. I’ve done so every once and a while over the years, but today I can say I’m completely awake, finally. I’m Satisfied with my life. I’m satisfied with the person I am today. I know what I want to do for a living, writing full-time, and how to accomplish that goal. I have a roof over my head and food in my fridge.

I’m happy, content. I have goals and I’m working toward them. I have everything I need and more than I could possibly want. So the time to change my title has come. I’m no longer starving, I am Satisfied. So if you see the ‘starving writer’ label somewhere connected to me, let me know. Thanks my loyal 8 followers. Much appreciated.


PS. New Literotica story up...Goddess, Simone & YOU

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