A bit about the FULL of Love, Simone Lisbon

Simone Lisbon is a television and coffee addicted freelance writing consultant, editor, and poet. She grew up an outgoing and outspoken only child with a lot of energy. When her adventurous nature was often grounded she discovered a love of reading. Her mother killed her imaginary friend when she was seven years old and as a result Simone turned to writing to bring a tactile life to her imagination and channel her boundless energy.

During a Detroit Pistons versus Chicago Bulls playoff basketball game she was allowed to wait in the in-house bar after the event because she'd caught the wrath of some die-hard fans. The cameras broadcast Simone as she read a book during the game from a center court seat twelve rows away from the action. She rarely admits the book responsible for gripping her attention during the game was Lucky by Jackie Collins because she was thirteen at the time.  

Simone left the constantly inconsistent weather of East Lansing, Michigan after graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications. She moved to the slightly more consistent warmth of what is fondly called Hotlanta, Georgia and made herself at home with the vibrant southern city for 10 years before moving to the peaceful green of Oregon. 

As a longtime fan of the science fiction/paranormal/romance genres she has always dreamed of writing and publishing attention grabbing, game ignoring novels of her very own.