Muse's Office/Night Job

Some of my writing can be found at Literotica for free to read. The pieces published there I must warn have little filter on the dark and twisted Muse that inspires and guides my pen. Most of the stories explore non-consent/reluctance, BDSM and interracial relationships graphically. Click the title for the link.

Confused Connie 

This is my first incest piece that I posted to Literotica years ago. I took it down when my publishers suggested incest wasn't in their wheel house. I've decided to return the work to Lit. This is the story of how Connie handles the feelings she has for her brother, Dylan. He signed up for the army and her fears surface. There are two more chapters to this story which I'll try to get back up on Lit as soon as I can.

Goddess, Simone & You

This is a conversation I had in my head between my Higher Power and myself. When all was said and done, it read a bit like fiction, or at least had a story mode to it, so I posted it on Literotica as just that.

The Other Kelly Taylor

This was my first story I ever published anywhere, so it will always be truly special to me. TOKT is a love story about an obsessed teacher who is attracted to his young female student. Although the story is complete fiction, it was inspired by actual events in my own life. 

Hellfire Chronicles: Rising From The Fire

Just to catch you up on the adventures of Princess Nessa, a 300 year old Demonic princess with the mentality of a teenager.

Our story started with her brother, Prince Dameon, managing to get Princess Nessa exiled from Hell and stuck on Earth in of all places, Hell, MI. She started the apocalypse first thing that the morning by having hot monkey sex with an archangel that turned out to be the biblical figure Adam (who may also be JC, just a theory, work with me here, I'm making this up as I write). Then her dad popped by to call her a good little slut and thanked her for getting knocked up by an angel while at the same time kidnapping said angel.

So she decided to work, by work, I mean she ended up in bed with Fire and Morty, her Bestie, to try to find a plan to fix things, only she's not even sure what she's trying to fix. Anyway, Adam has escaped from Hell and Nessa's dad is mad and scared of her. She's still confused by some new powers she discovered while having fun in the sack.

Then after a wonderful orgasm Fire decides to take off for no apparent reason. Enter the rest of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Nessa quickly ends up having more hot monkey sex, because when in doubt that's Nessa's go to problem solver, with the other horsemen finishing up with War. And you thought you were having a busy day, you'll need to read on to find out just what she ends up doing about everything.

Still a work in progress so next chapter TBD

The Ghost In My Bed

Okay, I wrote this story because my Muse was bugging me to do so.  It kept flashing in my head as I worked on Fire and Kelly and a new one that I've been sitting on for awhile.  So I opened a blank page and this is what poured out. It's about a widow who finds that love transcends even death. I hope you enjoy reading it, even though I wrote it to shut up my Muse, rather get her to focus on what I wanted which are other stories...

Jilling for a Job

I wrote this one in about ten minutes based on a fan's suggestion. A woman who masturbates (jilling/jacking) out of boredom goes on a job interview and creates new material during the meeting.

Master Says

This is quick piece based on a sub/Dom relationship. I just played around with the roles and characters. I hadn't really seen anything like it, so I wrote it to fill my own void in reading material.

Rose & the Beast

I took the traditional fairy tale, left a lot of the parts alone and just wrote a darker, naughty version of the old while mixing in elements that I like to write, BDSM, non-consent, etc. I started this piece over a year ago and one day I was inspired to finish the piece and wrote the rest over three days.

The poetry I have up is just for fun. One I wrote in high school the other just for Lit. I have lots of poetry, but sometimes it's just for me. 


My page on Literotica I basically will vote a 5 star to anyone I know (chatted with), or stories I find outstanding to pretty good. The rest I don't vote. The higher the score the more likely it is to be read by others. It's a free site, so being read and receiving feedback and ratings are the only small rewards to be gained from publishing there. Oh, and getting your work out there in the world where it can be seen, yeah, that too.

I just think considering how brave it is of a person to publish their work, share it with the public for review, despite content or quality, voting a 5 or not at all is the minimum I can do for any Lit author. 

By the way, I am honoring the request of my Muse, she prefers the 'hot' status and craves the little red 'H' next to my stories. So it's not my request, this plea was brought to you by my silly twisted Muse and it's all her damn fault...Should I be punished for her mistake? Probably, she is mine after all...