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  • Hollis Gillespie ~ Humor/Memoir/Wacky ~ Shocking Real-Life Workshop Alcohol Dispenser
  • Anne Bishop ~ Dark/Gripping/Complete World View - A grab you by the throat and flip around your perspective on what's so scary about Hell anyway ~ Best Selling Author
  • Laurell K Hamilton ~ Vampire/Were-wolf to -zoo/Fairy Princess/Erotica ~ Best Selling Author
  • Robin Wasserman ~ YA/Sci-fi/Robot-Human (interspecies?) relationships ~ Best Selling Author
  • DoctorWolf ~ Sci-fi/BDSM/Werewolf/Interspecies ~ Top Literotica Storyteller
  • Rob_mDear ~ Incest/Taboo/Family Fucking ~ Top Literotica Storyteller
  • Scott Westerfeld ~ YA/Sci-fi/Futuristic ~ Best Selling Author
Webcomics (most are NSFW):
Time Suckage Sites:
  • TheMetaPicture ~ Humor/Memes
  • Cracked ~ Humor Top (insert #) List/Reasons for Interesting Things Articles
  • Literotica ~ As the name implies, Erotic Lit. It's where I started my publishing journey to writing porn. 
  • FetLife - A safe way to find like minded individuals who admit their kinks & fetishes...
  • SlushPile Hell ~ A place to learn how to take rejection while a writer is trying to find a publisher/agent. I just keep searching for one of my query letters to end up on this blog.