Forced To Change Cover



As many of you know, the cover for Forced to Change has been something I've struggled with for many years. Based on the suggestions for a cover from OmniFic and the artistry of art_zzz I've decided on the below as a possible cover for Forced to Change:

I think the difference is night and day between what I had 3 years ago.


I created this cover before I signed with Omnific. They make awesome covers and I'll have a better version soon. Reveal date still pending.

I was playing around with an art program after a friend suggested that creating your own cover for your work was an excellent use of time. It was fun dusting off my artistic side. He self-publishes so I could kinda see his point. 


  1. Love it! Very appropriate! You rock, keep it up. Im now living in NC, so maybe see you soon. Later