A Homicidal Maniac Who Rapes Dead Babies Might Live Next Door To You

I know one lives across the street from me. How do I know? A successful author of horror writing lives across the street from me. As far as I know when she feels homicidal she writes. It’s one of the few things I know about my neighbor I’ve never met. She’s published and she earns her living with her work. I rarely see her, though I’ve seen her husband weekly take their garbage cans down to the curb. I respect her privacy and can only divine things about her that she puts out into the world, IE, I’ve read her work.

I find that most authors of the horror genre are homicidal maniacs. The only difference  I see between a horror writer and a serial killer is one lets their thoughts play out on the page while the other takes their thoughts out into the world and plays them out in real flesh. As I watched the news earlier today of the school shooting in Oregon, it was painfully clear to me the shooter did not know this difference. Or maybe they did and didn't mind the consequences of their actions. I prefer not to pay those kind of consequences for my actions. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this person’s choice of action.

I guess that’s the dividing line between most writers and those in prison or loose on the streets acting out their thoughts in the real world to me. I do what I consider illegal all the time. One of the main character’s in my book, Forced to Change is an assassin. Jared gets paid, very well in fact, to go around the world killing people I don’t like. He really enjoys his job. Especially when his targets are homicidal sadistic rapists. That’s his version of Christmas wrapped up in an assignment. He won’t even take money to kill them, he does it for free.

Personally, I’m a big fan of freedom. Being locked away in prison would be a suffocating experience for me. I avoid it by walking the line of man’s laws and staying on the side that keeps my black ass out of jail. As of today I’m legally allowed to smoke weed. I can light up a joint in the state of Oregon and smoke that sucker down to a roach. I won’t say whether or not I did so before it was legal because I believe my joy over this new law explains that perfectly. For the sake of keeping my beautiful black booty out of jail, I only wrote about puff, puff, passing the chronic prior to today.

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