Now You See Me In Plain Sight

I've had a busy couple of months. I moved, did a round of rewrites on Forced to Change (completed at 5am yesterday morning, woo hoo), a few TV show marathons, read a couple of books and finished everything off by going to see Now You See Me yesterday. 

I played tennis a few times with a couple of friends. Actually, there are three of us, one person serves and the other two chase the fuzzy florescent yellow balls around the court until all twenty are one side then we switch until everyone has had a chance to serve. I also attempted bike riding with a different group of friends. I got dizzy and had to give up after an hour.

I did some reflection on my DOD (dear old dad), our relationship, his death and such, my previous roommates and the house smack dab in the middle of the Atlanta ghetto and my new roommate and our awesome tiny one-bedroom space. Talked to my family a bit and played with Princess Nike a lot. 

I'm a bit disappointed that my cable providers are only providing the first three seasons of In Plain Sight. I think I saw the rest of the episodes but I hit season 3 the other day so I'm cutting myself back to one episode a day to make it last. See, I learned from the mistake of breezing through all of the season 4 episodes of Eureka in one day when it became available recently.

If you haven't seen it, but enjoy well thought out drama, I highly recommend In Plain Sight. It follows the life of a hard as nails yet awesome and overstressed WITSEC Marshal. She's sarcastic and sassy but good at her job. Typically an episode begins with how the witness ended up in the program (saw someone murdered) and how Mary deals with helping them get setup in their new lives while juggling her own chaotic home life. It's excellent entertainment.

Speaking of good entertainment, I feel exactly the same about Now You See Me. Although my game plan was to see the new Star Trek, it left the closest theater before I finished the rewrites on my debut novel Forced to Change. I don't know why, but I feel kind of perverted and a bit silly seeing a kid's flick so instead of DM2 I ended up in an almost empty theater watching NYSM.

It was a $10.00 well spent. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are enemies instead of friends like in Batman but the twists, special effects, and story are intricate and awesome. If you want entertainment it's there. Action? There. Humor? Two words, one name, Woody Harrelson. I have not a single complaint, although I had to go see it alone because even at matinee prices I can only afford to date myself. I'm still a starving writer until my book is published.

I think my publishers are still looking at putting the book out August 27th, 2013. I'm new to the whole working with publishers stuff, so I'm leaving those details up to them. When I know more about Forced to Change, you'll know too. So that's me and what I've been up to lately. Please keep reading dear reader and I'll keep writing.


PS. I put up a new story on Lit, Rose & the Beast if you're looking for something to tide you over until Forced to Change is out. I will warn, it's a graphic non-consent with BDSM piece and a naughty adult take on the fairy tale. 

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