Season Changes, Changes of Scenery

Roadtrip from Atlanta, GA to Eugene, OR recap...Well, I only had to back up with a trailer once, not including the time my uncle did it for me and the time I had to be pulled out of the dirt. Speaking of the time I had to be pulled out of the dirt, that was the big bad that happened on my trip.

Stuck In The Dirt, Navajo, AZ

Cost to me, $60.00 for the tow. I stupidly decided to drive on a primitive road clearly marked as one that I decided ‘Well, this looks like a good place to turn around.’ I was wrong and finally after a half an hour of trying to dig myself out with a cake pan, er, bread pan, I called the police.

My cousin recommended I get AAA before I started the trip. It wasn’t in my budget so I skipped that oh so responsible step. See, Dante 2 had brand new tires (all four replaced in the last year), a tune-up, oil change, and 60,000 mile inspection before I left Atlanta. At 10 years old I was pretty certain that car trouble wouldn’t be an issue for me on the road.

Memphis Hotel

I also got pulled over by a cop just outside of Memphis, TN my first night out. She was extremely nice and wished me well. The cops I spoke with in Navajo, AZ while stuck in the too soft dirt hoped that that incident would be the worst part of my trip. So yeah, I had a lot of positive experiences with the local law enforcement on my way to Eugene, OR.

I-40, No Idea Where Though

The majority of my trip looked like the above picture. Every single day, this was my view. I tried to take a picture when I thought about it. Weather wise, not too bad, I drove in snow for a total of one hour on my way to Kingman, AZ. I spent a night in a KOA cabin, that was fun.

KOA Oklahoma City, OK

So yeah, I got my cabin in the woods experience. Woo hoo! There’s one not too far from here so I may try it again one day. I opted for hotel rooms after that though. New Mexico had interesting overpasses.

I-40 New Mexico

Anyway, overall the trip was good, Nike was awesome and she doesn't hate me at all. I gave her lots of cat treats to win her favor along the way a suggestion I found on Google. I decompressed for about 24 hours and then busted my butt for the next 48 to finish off my piece for NaNo. All and all, November was a very productive month for me.

No, I did not write the story I meant to write on the NaNo piece. I did finish 50,000 words on it, 50,184 to be exact. I did a lot of character development and pictured the ending which had been eluding me since its start. Overall, I’m proud of these two accomplishments and I can’t wait to see what the next year of my life brings as far as challenges and adventures.
Now off to watch another Doctor Who special I missed while I didn’t have cable. Well, er, because I can. Duh!

Update: The morning view this AM was:

Eugene, OR

I may need to rethink this entire move. Snow! I don't like snow...Burrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

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