I Finally Read Them; The Books I Shall Not Name

As a writer, I'm treating these books like Voldermort, I'm going to talk about them, but not use their name. Plus, Hollis, made me promise to never say their name again. The color of this font is the only hint you get. 

I read all three books over five days a few weeks ago. It took me 30 to 40 pages to get over the present tense and British author writing American characters and failing miserably at keeping that believable. Also, I had the forehand knowledge that they started as fanfic for Twilight, so I saw each character for their counterpart. All that being said, overall, bad, like really bad. Okay, so some of the sex was steamy, but I know I write better BDSM interactions and sex scenes. 

I got through them though, and it was very much like reading Twilight, save the ending. I hated the ending to these most of all. At least with Twilight, although she had to become a vampire to find her spine, Bella finally saved the day. I felt the last of the unmentionable books could have been cutoff two plot turns prior to where it ended. This story apart from being stolen was so not shocking, especially if you already read BDSM/erotica related material, but the character development was good, probably because they're based on other well developed characters. 

There's no great mystery as to why these books are doing so well. Many artist have said, if you can't be original, steal. Even though most people won't admit to reading and enjoying the books now, Twilight was very successful for a lot of different reasons. As much as I hate the non-heroic heroine, I totally get how it turned into a world wide phenomenon. But even with Twilight, each book was stolen. But what Twilight did, was steal from the best romances of all time. Romeo & JulietWuthering HeightsPride and Prejudice, are all over the plots, turns, characters, and twists of the Twilight books. She even let the readers know which literary masterpiece she was borrowing from by assigning it as homework to Ms. Bella Swan. 

Thus proving the only reason the-series-who-shall-not-be-named is a best seller is because readers pay for cookie cutter story lines. Demand more from your authors, and you'll get better writing. . .In the meantime, who should I steal from to write my best selling book? I'm seriously taking suggestions...

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  1. I demand better written books that aren't fan fiction rip offs of a badly and inaccurately written lifestyles. It would be nice to see intelligent novels coming out with real character development instead of faceless characters you can insert yourself into as a preteen girl. The only positive I can say about this style of writing is that at least it gets "kids" reading again. Though I'd prefer they not lose IQ points they so desperately need to hold onto in the process